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Landscape Designers specialize in residential design and serve a wide range of clients. Many professional designers offer expertise in native plants, water efficiency, climate appropriate plants, and other sustainable landscape practices.

Landscape Contractor: Although the main activity of a contractor is to build the landscape many companies also provide design services in house.

Landscape Architects: Many landscape architects will design gardens for homes. The group as a whole is focused on Commercial and Public projects but this is not universally the case. As a group they do not have a search tool to find one in your area but they will be listed under Landscape Architects in the yellow pages.


A Note from GardenSoft

  1. While some homeowners believe they can save money by avoiding landscape design work, professional design can be reasonable and help homeowners avoid typical pitfalls and mistakes. If you have ever experienced a home remodel, you are familiar with the phrase “It will cost twice as much and take twice as long as you think." With their experience and expertise, design professionals understand landscape costs and help you work within a budget so you get it right the first time.
  2. Consider hiring a landscape professional to review the current condition of  your irrigation system and retrofit the system with newer more water efficient equipment.  This will save money in the long run.  Half the water used in landscape is typically wasted.
  3. If you struggle with Irrigation controller here are two tips:
    1. Go here to find videos on how to set them:
    2. Consider buying a new inexpensive controller, they are much easier to program than the old ones.  They start at  $45 and have a seasonal adjustment button that allows you to make the changes to all of the stations on  your timer with one button.
  4. Consider a Smart Controller of Weather-based controller which makes changes throughout the year automatically. These are more expensive.